Thai Street Food


ThAiPAS serves Authentic Thai Street Food in the Traditional Style found in any village in Thailand. Chef Prang was born on a small island in the very South of Thailand and grew up working in her Aunts restaurant where she learned to cook exceptional Southern Thai Food. Her mother comes from a small village in the Northern corner of the kingdom. Therefore she has influences from the North and South of Thailand making her recipes truly unique, and absolutely Authentic Thai. Our menu gives our customers the freedom to have one, two or three different dishes without having to order a full plate of each. ThAiPAS is a play on the Spanish word TAPAS, which means Small Savory Dishes. This form of dining is very common in Thailand, but we have yet to find it here in the United States. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy this traditional form of Thai Dining right here in good’ole Central Oregon.


Open Daily - 11:30am to 8pm

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